A Tesla on the Water: ePropulsion's Electric Motor Arrives on the Bay

At this year’s Annapolis Boat Shows, visitors saw an unusual -looking outboard motor on display.

The Hong Kong-based company ePropulsion showed off its SPIRIT 1.0 outboard, a lithium-battery motor with power comparable to a 3 HP traditional outboard, that is suitable for various small boats. The battery lasts three to five hours with regular use, and up to 15 hours at slow speed. The battery floats, so it can’t sink to the bottom and harm the environment.

The company says the electric motor is much quieter than a regular outboard, with a maximum of 60 decibels. That makes it a good choice for fishing or peaceful rides. It’s also cleaner for the Bay, leaving no exhaust in the water or fumes in the air.

The SPIRIT 1.0 includes a foldable tiller, so boaters don’t have to tote a separate one. And there is an optional remote version that can be controlled wirelessly with a remote.

ePropulsion has just signed on with its first Chesapeake Bay dealer. It’s available at Annapolis Hybrid Marine. To learn more about the electric outboard or to buy one, click here.

-Meg Walburn Viviano