Photo: Poseidon's Pantry/ Facebook

$230 Bottle of Rare Beer for Sale in Chincoteague

One of the most coveted beers in America is for sale at a shop in Chincoteague, Virginia, attracting attention among beer enthusiasts across the country.

Sam Adams Utopias 2019 is illegal in 15 states, with its 28% alcohol by volume. This “American Strong Ale” is barrel-aged, made up of a variety of batches– some aged for 24 years– and is bottled by hand in a custom, ceramic 25.4-ounce bottle. As a special ingredient, Sam Adams lists Vermont maple syrup.

Poseidon’s Pantry, a gourmet grocery on Chincoteague, has one bottle of Utopias 2019 and it’s selling for $230. General manager Sarah Mason tells Bay Bulletin, her beer distributor “had been trying for the past three years to get their hands on the stuff and finally succeeded this year.”

Mason acknowledges the beer is pricey. But she says she’s seen bottles selling on eBay this year for $350 and up. It has a 100 rating on Sam Adams recommends serving the beer one ounce at a time.

If Poseidon’s Pantry does find a buyer for this special offering, not to worry: Mason says they have two more bottles on reserve.

-Meg Walburn Viviano