In 2019's Top Ten Boat Names, Puns Rule

For the boating crowd, it’s the ultimate conversation-starter: what’s behind the name you choose to plaster on your transom and broadcast on VHF radio.

 BoatUS has just released its annual list of the most popular boat names, based on the most-requested lettering orders made to their BoatUS Boat Graphics service.

Some are inspiring, some are clever, and you can always count on a fair number of water-related puns.

Take the top name of 2019, for example, Aquaholic. That name didn’t even make the last for the past four years, but has come roaring back. Below, see the top ten list and what BoatUS thinks each name says about its owner.

The 2019 BoatUS Top 10 Boat Names:

  1. Aquaholic: After a four-year absence from the Top 10 list, this popular boat name returns. Its appeal is in its intoxicating wordplay about overdoing too much time on the water. This kind of imbibing, however, won’t give you a hangover – except maybe on a Monday morning when you have to go back to work!

  2. Pearl: Sometimes a shortening of the name of the fictional ship in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, folks who put Pearl on the transom likely know that their luxurious vessel has an understated luster.

  3. Forever Young: While boating isn’t exactly like the Fountain of Youth, many boaters say the feeling of boating, sailing or fishing keeps them feeling young. A perfect name for maintaining a stress-free boating life.

  4. Second Chance: This boat owner has likely had an opportunity for a do-over – be it with boating or a life challenge related to health, career or matrimony. It’s a reminder to take advantage of the chance to start over.

  5. Squid Pro Quo: It’s clear this fishing vessel owner appreciates Latin, or at least perhaps understands that life is a game of give-and-take.

  6. More Cowbell: A 2000 Saturday Night Live comedy skit featuring Will Farrell and Christopher Walken pokes fun at taking things too far. Perhaps this boat is a little over the top as well.

  7. Pegasus: A winged horse from Greek mythology that was capable of creating water springs just by striking his hoof into the earth. This boat name that connects earth and sky is commonly found on both sailboat and powerboat transoms.

  8. Feelin’ Nauti: Who says you can’t be amorous while boating?

  9. Why Knot?: These owners appreciate nautical wordplay and realize sometimes you just have to jump into things without overanalyzing it.

  10.  High Maintenance: This term, sometimes used to reference a boat owner’s spouse, can also indicate that this vessel also requires much time, money or effort. A good choice for a high-performance boat.

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-Meg Walburn Viviano