2019 Chesapeake Gift Guide

Looking for a holiday present for the Chesapeake Bay fan in your life? Whether they’re a boater, landlubber, or somewhere in between, you can help them through the winter months with something here.  From jewelry to a good meal, we’ve got more than a few suggestions that will take the edge off a cold night. 

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AGA Correa & Son

A.G.A. Correa & Son has been designing nautical, gold, platinum and silver jewelry in Edgecomb, Maine USA since 1969. We are family-run, building customer relationships that extend through generations. Our mission is to deliver exceptional product design, quality and service to the customer ahead of time. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance, we want to hear what’s on your mind. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest.

All shipping/insurance has been free since our business was founded in 1969, and will always remain that way.

Alex and Ani

We are the original meaning makers.

Sharing ancient wisdom. Interpreting into modern design. Alive with purpose. Strong and unafraid to speak. Leading the narrative. Carrying light. Impacting communities. EMPOWERING THE WORLD.

We are designed to connect you to your true self, who you love, guiding forces & the spirit of giving back.

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

Since the year 1979, our gallery has provided the best of marine art to the Mid-Atlantic collector community. Located at City Dock in Annapolis, the gallery is open seven days a week to the public. Our featured artists include: John Barber, the artistic essence of the Chesapeake, prints and original paintings; Willard Bond and the action of world-class sailboat racing; original oils, watercolors, and prints: Patrick O’Brien and the age of sail; Paul Landry’s romantic portrayal of the Sea; see John Ruseau’s page for the best in watercolors – we have an extensive collection of his works on display. And we are proud to display the originals and limited edition prints of renowned artist John Stobart.

Aw Shucks!

Allow us to introduce the Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker … a revolutionary, “wicked good”, stainless steel oyster opener, as featured on the Tech TV program, “INVENT THIS”

Whether our stainless steel oyster opener is used in the home by an inexperienced oyster shucker, in a restaurant or in a retail or wholesale business, be assured that the AW SHUCKS! Oyster Shucker will provide an injury free environment. Anyone can use it with no learning curve and a minimal chance of injury.

Our mission at AW SHUCKS! is to provide an injury free oyster opener allowing more people to enjoy those sweet, salty, succulent bivalves without the worry of a routine visit to the Emergency Room.

Calvert Marine Museum

The Calvert Marine Museum has it all. Here pre-history, natural history, and maritime heritage come together to tell a unique story of the Chesapeake Bay. This is a family-friendly museum that offers live animals, fossils, interactive exhibits, daily activities, and a furnished cottage-style lighthouse – something for every age. We look forward to sharing this very special place with you. Our Museum Store features unique gifts for everyone who enjoys our exhibits and other Chesapeake-related items.

Carrol’s Creek Café

Carrol’s Creek Restaurant does not take the heritage of its name lightly. From our historic location that overlooks the waters of one of America’s most charming and historic cities, we offer the riches of the bay and the land in a new American style of cooking that emphasizes flavor and innovation in a style that is fitting of our nation’s most treasured traditions.

Carrol’s Creek brings you a new American tradition of dining that is founded in the time-honored heritage of a colonial town rich with seafood, culture, and style.

Chart Metalworks

Chart Metalworks creates vessels for you to tell your own custom story – where you grew up, site of your engagement or marriage, favorite vacation spot or current residence. Our one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories are adornments that allow you to wear your world. Our U.S. made hand-cast are handcrafted in our studio on Portland, Maine’s working waterfront.

Fawcett Boat Supplies

A singular focus on quality makes Fawcett unique and the first choice for many boaters. And so, where do you find the highest quality nautical gifts for friends and family? Why, Fawcett’s of Course! Check us out on-line or visit the store to see an array of gifts and meet our friendly staff—they include boaters of all shapes and sizes: sailors, power-boaters, racers, cruisers, paddlers and even a submariner.

Inn at Horn Point

We absolutely believe location is everything. And we’ve got it! The Inn at Horn Point is ideally nestled in downtown Annapolis’ historic maritime district, Eastport, one block from famed Restaurant Row. Eastport is an eclectic neighborhood of Annapolis, much like SoHo, the Village or TriBeCa are neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Here you will spend your downtime among the locals, experiencing the fabric of Annapolis as we do; casually and carefree. In our unhurried peninsula location, you will find yourself immersed among marinas, boat yards, yacht clubs, sailing schools, galleries and the BEST restaurants. See what makes Eastport the fun part of Annapolis. Give the gift of an experience!

Jackie Gallagher Designs

In 2012 Jackie Gallagher wife, and mother of one, wanted to create something of her own.  With her flair for fashion and design she began her jewelry line with the intent to offer what so many woman search for….. beautiful jewelry at a sensible price!

Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted using all natural handpicked materials.

Designing Jewelry that I love to wear is my passion!  Jewelry should be art that your customers wear everyday!

I am proud to to say that we offer many different varieties of Sterling & Fine Silver Jewelry, Seaglass Jewelry, Leather Jewelry, and Pearl Jewelry.  All of the pieces are created using local Sea Glass pieces, Sterling & Fine Silver, Leather, Pearls and Gem Stones.   

What you will see are things that I love to wear and that I think your customers will love as well!  The pieces are both stylish and functional. 

All of our pieces are handmade in Maryland.

If you ever need a custom piece please feel free to contact us.

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters was born in Virginia in 2007 and is lovingly cultivated by owners, Celeste and Jo Gucanac.  

 Celeste and Jo pride themselves on providing exceptional quality products and experiences for their customers to enjoy. They purchase from small plantations with specific certifications and create unique roasting profiles to bring out the very best flavors in the beans they purchase. Their coffees are roasted weekly. They believe you shouldn’t drink coffee just to drink it…you should drink coffee to love it.

Their Petite Cafe that compliments their Roastery is a unique and charming way to experience Historic Yorktown Village. After many recreations over the last 289 years, Celeste and Jo have returned the Historic Cole Digges House to part of its Colonial heritage as a coffee and tea house.

We strive to connect the things we are passionate about in life to our daily activities. Our customers can experience our coffee and cafe as a complete realization of our passions.

Salisbury Gift & Garden

Salisbury Fine Metal Artisans is a family owned company of proud and dedicated artisans who recognize the importance of preserving our heritage while creating new and exciting products that are sure to become tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms.

Salisbury’s products are produced to the highest quality standards. Our various collections have been designed to capture the spirit of American life. We continually develop and refine new products in an effort to provide the most elegant and unique pieces possible.

Salisbury makes lines in three different types of metals: pewter, sterling silver, and cast aluminum. Salisbury’s pewter and sterling silver items are created and handcrafted in the U.S.A., right in our factory in Easton, MD. Salisbury’s line of cast aluminum products are American by design. Ideas, designs, and prototypes are all created right here in our Easton, MD facility. The products are then sand cast in a facility in Mexico and they return to be finished by our artisans here in Maryland. 

Salisbury Fine Metal Artisans have been producing fine, hand-crafted metal products since 1979. We take pride in the products we create for you and we sincerely hope you and your family enjoy them for a very long time.

Sea Bags

Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring our customers great happiness. You see, we believe that sails soak up sun, salt, smiles and adventure.

Of course we clean our sails before we make them into bags, our materials retain the essence of what they once were, where they’ve been and what they’ve done. It’s this previous life that makes each bag unique.

Made in the USA

Shades of the Bay

Our staff of dedicated experts have been trained to find the correct fit that also looks great on your face. They know the inventory & lens technologies (such as brown vs grey lens). They won’t let you walk out of shop looking silly! Not a chance!!

With over 70 brands of sunglasses, we have the most variety you will see in the area.  Specializing in prescription, polarized and non-polarized sunglasses.

Shades of the Bay carries a large selection of sunglasses and flip flops from the hottest names in fashion and world-class sport-specific brands.  If you would like a specific pair of sunglasses, ski goggles, Olukai flip flops and shoes, Reef flip flops, chances are….we have it.


One Hot Summer Day Offshore Changed Everything.

Adam was boating 40 miles off the coast of Ponce Inlet, Florida when he pulled a ruined sub out of the cooler for the last time. Too many times in his life he had chosen to not eat at all rather than take a single bite of a soggy bread. The cooler is no place for a vulnerable sub. He decided subs need protection. They need to be kept safe. SubSafe was born. 

Vanessa Piche

Vanessa is a passionate award winning artist who captures her emotional response to the world around her. Citing “nature as her temple” and painting as a “self reflective practice,” she sees each painting as a conscious creation that feeds her soul. Her work is featured in Pottery Barn, on the set of House Of Cards, Steven Kings Doctor Sleep, Hollywood movie studios, and held in private collections around the world.  Vanessa spends most of her time painting around New England and competing in various shows across the United States. Vanessa resides in North Kingstown, RI with her husband and daughter.

Williams & Heintz

Williams & Heintz understands the importance of building and maintaining a cleaner environment and aims to contribute in as many ways possible throughout our map production and printing cycle. We are continuously improving elements in our map making and printing process to produce the same high quality custom maps with far less negative impact on the environment.

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