Pasadena Boat Dealer Invents Reclining Lounge/ Fishing Seat Combo

add a lounge in skiff.JPG

Multi-purpose utility boats like Carolina Skiffs aren't known for comfortable sunbathing and lounging around. But that could soon change with a new, stowable seat invented by a Chesapeake Bay boat dealer.

Rick Levin, co-owner of Pasadena Boat Works, invented the Add a Lounge seating system, a portable lounge seat for the forward deck of skiff-style boats that converts into a casting seat. Levin and dealership co-owner Nick Doetsch showed off the seat at the Baltimore Boat Show.

Gesturing around the showroom, he exclaimed, "You will find no reclining seat in any of these [similar model] boats!" 

Levin designed and produced the Add a Lounge prototype in just three months, start to finish. He plans to have it ready to sell in time for the Bay Bridge Boat Show, April 27-29, 2018. It will be manufactured by RCO Engineering, a Detroit company that produces the seating for all Gulfstream aircraft.

Levin explains that the new seat is "a true compromise for the sunbather and fisherman." We're sure some couples out there can relate.

The stowable seat is available in Pasadena Boat Works' Carolina Skiff DLV's center consoles and the Bulls Bay 200 CC and 230 CC, and can also be used on your existing skiff. To find out more about Add a Lounge, contact Pasadena Boat Works by clicking here.

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