Historic Replica Sailboat Capsizes Ahead of Annapolis Fireworks

The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF)'s replica 1860 sandbagger, Bear, capsized Wednesday evening in a gust of wind on Spa Creek.

NSHOF says seven experienced sailors were on board, and all were wearing life jackets.

It was a busy night on the water ahead of the rescheduled July 4th fireworks, and several agencies jumped to action to help. On Facebook, the NSHOF thanks the Annapolis Harbormaster's Office, Annapolis Police DepartmentMaryland Department of Natural Resources Police, the City of Annapolis Fire Department and Severn Sailing Association for responding.

None of the sailors were hurt, and two were helped to shore by an NSHOF boat.

The boat's capsizing happened right in front of a group on shore, including Chesapeake Bay Magazine managing editor Ann Levelle. She and her family were waiting to watch fireworks from the Eastport Yacht Club.

Photo: Ann Levelle

Photo: Ann Levelle

Here is the NSHOF's Facebook post on the accident:

The Bear and its sister ship, the Bull, are modern replicas of the 1860s sandbagger sloops, popular as workboats and recreational sailing. They carried an unusually large amount of sail area for their size.

You can read more about them here.

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