South River "Trash Trap" is a Band-aid to a Bigger Problem

South River Federation

South River Federation

The South River Federation (SRF) is taking drastic steps to stop huge amounts of trash running into a tributary of the South River.

The SRF says hundreds of pounds of trash is flowing into Crab Creek and then into the South River. The foundation has been doing stream cleanups for years, but they say they don't have access to the City of Annapolis-owned property where most of the trash originates.

Frustrated by their lack of access, SRF has constructed a steel and plastic trash trap in a freshwater stream near Wagon Trail Road in Annapolis.

This particular stream collects the runoff from parts of Forest Drive, as well as the Newtowne 20 Public Housing community

SRF wants to use the trap to show just how much trash is flowing downstream. In the five days after the trap was set, it rained twice. These two storms washed 150–200 pounds of trash downstream into the trash trap, including 149 plastic bottles, 69 aluminum cans, 38 Styrofoam food containers, 2 shoes, a squirt gun and countless plastic bags.

The federation says, "Our cleanup efforts are a Band-aid, not a solution."

Riverkeeper Jesse Iliff says he's been in touch with the Mayor and the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis, and has set a meeting to explore possible solutions to the trash problems in Crab Creek.

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