"Street View" for Rivers: Website Launches Interactive Maps of Bay

Wouldn't it be great if there was a resource like Google Street View maps, but for waterways? For a growing number of rivers on the Bay, that resource exists.

Screenshot of Elizabeth River interactive map

Screenshot of Elizabeth River interactive map

Interactive mapping website Terrain360.com has most recently mapped the Elizabeth River, giving users a 360-degree panoramic view of the river and its shores.

Find the interactive map here

The Richmond based company takes wide-angle, high-resolution photos of every inch of shoreline, and uses software to string them all together.

The Elizabeth River Project hired Terrain360, partly to survey possible sites for wetlands or oyster habitats. The maps could also help boaters or kayakers preview a route before taking to the water.

Terrain360 has mapped a number of the Bay's tributaries, from the Susquehanna River down to the Elizabeth and even the James River—all 340 miles of it.

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