Navy Scientists Shooting Laser Across Bay off Tilghman Island


The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD) will be testing an eye-safe green laser beam for the next four days.

According to an advisory from the Naval Research Lab, the controlled beam will transmit across the Bay during the day, from the CBD location, south of Chesapeake Beach, to the Naval Research Lab's site at Tilghman Island.

naval research lab CBD.jpg

At night, the laser beam will transmit from CBD, due east, to The Naval Research Lab's boat, which will be moving to various distances from 4 kilometers to 22 kilometers.

The day and night testing will take place from June 26th to June 30th. Testing will shut down immediately if a boat or aircraft comes within 300 meters of the beam.

The purpose of the testing is to evaluate the performance of the laser system over a long range across the water.

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